With the Professional Reorientation Program (Outplacement) of FIRST HUNTING HR, an Executive, Mid-level Manager or other Professional who must face an active job search, will achieve that his candidacy will be positioned in an unbeatable way to opt for the desired position, and will know in depth his personal and professional aptitudes in the functional and hierarchical areas of the company towards which he may be interested in reorienting his career (also if the interest is to change sector). And, most importantly, he/she will obtain all the knowledge and skills necessary to manage his/her professional reorientation with full guarantees of success. It is also a very useful Program for Professionals who wish to start their own business project.

The Professional Reorientation Programs (Outplacement) of FIRST HUNTING HR are also aimed at those companies that, for one reason or another, must dispense the services of an employee (due to staff restructuring, fusions, etc.), and that decide to offer him/her a professional HR consulting service in order to face the search for a new job in the best possible conditions.

Professional Reorientation Programs (Outplacement):
FIRST HUNTING HR’s Work Methodology

With our customized programs, we prepare executives, mid-level managers and other professionals to manage a job change in an optimal way.

Outplacement programs can be Individual or Group. Individual programs are aimed at managers, mid-level managers and executives. Group programs are aimed at professionals who come from the same department or functional area within the company (e.g. production or administrative staff).

  • Individual consultancy.
  • Fully personalized advice.
  • Programs tailored to the needs of each professional.
  • Search for the most appropriate type of offers according to the professional’s profile.
  • Identification of strengths, weaknesses, personal and professional characteristics and instruction to achieve a substantial improvement in job interviews.
  • Preparation of the optimal resume (CV).
  • Writing cover letters.
  • How to request and present references and letters of recommendation.
  • Primary and secondary networking: how these contacts can help us in the Professional Reorientation Process.
  • Interview preparation: both with HR consultants and with the companies.
  • Personalized follow-up and advice during the process of starting the Professional Reorientation Process in practice, after the completion of the Program.