FIRST HUNTING HR Headhunting methodology for companies is specifically designed for personnel selection processes whose main objective is that the organization can incorporate a Director, a Mid-level Manager or another Professional with a very specific experience in the sector of our client or in nearby sectors, and who has a high knowledge of the specific functions of the position to be filled, as well as the most appropriate professional skills to fulfill the needs of the organization and the functions of the position, as well as the personal skills more in line with the philosophy of the company.

As Headhunters for Companies we take care of: Headhunting, Direct Search, Recruitment, Selection and Evaluation of Executives, Mid-level Managers and other Professionals.

Headhunting Specialists

  • Analysis of the job profile,, the characteristics of the business and the philosophy of our client.
  • Identification of search sources sectors, areas, and companies in which, most probably, executives, managers and professionals with the required profile render their services. This is where we focus our search for candidates.
  • Identification of the best possible candidates.
  • First direct contact with these professionals, in order to obtain more precise information about their profiles: training, experience, functions, sales (for commercial profiles), salary, reasons for a change of company, etc.
  • Presentation of a progress report to our client, including the information obtained from the potential candidates, in order to focus the final selection on those who best fit the requested profile.
  • New contact with these candidates, to deepen the description of the project of our client and to refine their suitability to it.
  • Personal and in-depth interviews with the candidates more focused on the profile and evaluation of their professional background, achievements, personal and professional competencies, as well as additional values beneficial to our client.
  • Presentation of exhaustive finalist candidacy reports of those professionals who, in the end, have the best fit with the position and the company. This phase includes the request of the pertinent professional references.
  • Advice and support to the client in the interview phase with the finalist candidates and in making the final decision, in order to achieve the incorporation of the most suitable candidate. Here, we place special emphasis on bringing the respective positions closer in the negotiation prior to the signing of the incorporation agreement.

Our Headhunting service for Companies includes the follow-up of the incorporated candidate.