In FIRST HUNTING HR we have a wide experience in carrying out Massive and Continuous Personnel Selection Processes, in which our Client needs to incorporate, in a more or less constant way, several professionals with a similar profile, in one or more departments and in one or in different delegations.

Massive / Continuous Recruitment Processes:
First Hunting HR Work Methodology

We activate a wide and efficient recruitment system that includes press advertisements, our own and external databases and e-Recrutiment. This is how we obtain a massive and rapid response of candidates.


We activate a wide and efficient range of recruitment sources including our own databases, external databases, e-Recrutiment in both general and specialized recruitment portals and RRSS, Headhunting, Primary and Secondary Networking, Universities, Business Schools, Boards of Commerce, Professional Associations and other Business Organizations. This is how we obtain a massive and fast candidate response.

Candidate Selection and Evaluation

We proceed to go to each of the places where our Client’s delegations are located to carry out the whole process of selection and evaluation of the candidates we have pre-selected, until we have a sufficient number of candidates according to the required profile to be able to cover successfully all the existing vacancies.

Main characteristics and other data

At First Hunting HR we offer a service of Continuous / Massive Personnel Selection of candidates, consisting in keeping activated, permanently or for a long period of time, one or several recruitment processes.

This service is aimed at those companies that usually incorporate, in a relatively continuous way, multiple professionals with the same or similar profiles, mainly in their commercial, administrative, production, new technologies departments…

The Methodology used is very similar to that of the Individual Recruitment Processes, although the progressive and great knowledge that we acquire of the profiles and the needs of our Client, allows us to provide this service efficiently and in short periods of time.