The FIRST HUNTING HR Professional Evaluation methodology is specifically designed to determine whether a professional, recruited through a headhunting or personnel selection process, has the personal and professional competencies required by the position he/she aspires to and the company.

Inplacement pursues the same objective, but in this case the candidate comes from within the organization itself, and serves to determine which of the professionals already working in the company has the most suitable profile to fill a new position, opt for internal promotion or acquire more responsibilities in the position he/she occupies.

Professional Evaluation and Inplacement: First Hunting HR Work Methodology

  • Profile analysis of the position, the characteristics of the business and the philosophy of our Client.
  • In-depth personal interview with the candidate(s) to be evaluated.
  • Analysis of personal competencies (work personality): relational area, mental area, emotional area and energy area.
  • Analysis of special circumstances: schedules, travel, family circumstances, etc.
  • Analysis of professional competencies: self-development, decision making, flexibility, stress tolerance, building and maintaining relationship, initiative, innovation, results orientation and management control.
  • Motivation analysis: level of activity, competitiveness, need for involvement, need for autonomy and motivation for success.
  • Request for the candidate's professional references.
  • Assessment of the candidate's suitability for the position.
  • Preparation of the report and conclusions.