In First Hunting HR we are Headhunters and Specialized Consultants in SELECTION OF PROFESSIONALS of all Functional and Hierarchical Areas and Sectors, Middle Management and Executives.

In addition to Headhunters for companies, we are Business Partners for our Clients with a single objective: To ensure that their human capital continues to be their main value.

Our network of consultants allows us to serve clients all over Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza…

  • At First Hunting HR we have a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience as Headhunters and Personnel Selection Technicians, carrying out personnel selection processes, headhunting, professional evaluation and professional reorientation (Outplacement).
  • More than 5.000 Personnel Selection and Headhunting Processes successfully carried out in companies all over Spain.
  • Experience in personnel selection for companies in all sectors and for any functional area and hierarchical level: Executives, Middle Management and other Professionals.
  • National coverage, anywhere in Spain.
  • Extensive database of candidates: Executives, Middle Management and other Professionals.
  • Efficiency and professionalism in the execution of the selection and headhunting processes: optimal results in a short period, by using an agile methodology and multiple recruitment sources.
  • Rigor is the key of success of First Hunting HR: we do not limit ourselves to present a shortlist of finalist candidates, the selection / headhunting process only ends when our Client informs us of the incorporation agreement with one of the candidates presented in the process, which fully meets their expectations.
  • As Headhunters we focus our recruitment and headhunting processes on the identification of success factors: personal and professional skills, achievements, optimal career path and training appropriate to the position.
  • We are highly proactive in anticipating our Clients’ needs.
  • We keep our Client permanently informed about the evolution of the selection process in order to achieve a quick and successful result.
  • Integral Recruitment Methodology: headhunting, prescribers and primary and secondary networking of First Hunting HR, our own and external database, general and specialized recruitment portals, RRSS, Universities and Business Schools Job Portals, Boards of Commerce and other Professional Associations…
  • Duration of the Replacement Guarantee: As proposed by our Client, depending on their needs. From 9 months to 2 years, depending on the position: manager, middle management or other professional. The Replacement Guarantee implies the realization of a new selection / headhunting process to fill the position again, whether the person initially selected leaves the company due to his/her decision or by the Client decision.
  • More than 500 Professional Reorientation Processes (Outplacement) given to executives, middle management and other professionals, with more than 80% outplacement rate.
  • Fully customized Consulting Service: we offer a Personnel Selection and Headhunting Service for Companies totally tailored to meet their needs. The proximity, rigor and professionalism of our headhunters and recruitment technicians have earned us the trust of a large number of clients all over Spain. To them we owe the image of quality that First Hunting HR has as an Expert Consultant in Personnel Selection and Headhunting.
german navarro firsthunting

Germán Navarro Prades

"We put at your disposal the Talent of our Technical Team to always count on their trust".

An experienced headhunter for more than 20 years, he is responsible for managing the relationship with our clients all over Spain, from the first contact. Germán maintains a constant relationship with the Clients throughout the entire recruitment / headhunting process. From specifying their needs in human resources, through the design of the most suitable recruitment and selection strategies for each headhunting process, to the incorporation of the candidates that are finally considered as the most suitable for each position, whether it is a manager, executive… The vocation for a high quality headhunting service, truly personalized, involved, proactive and for the total satisfaction of the needs of our Clients, is what defines Germán.

  • Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Postgraduate studies in Commercial Management, Marketing and Corporate Communication, Business Management and Negotiation.
  • Since 1995, account manager in HR consulting and first level training for companies.
  • Extensive experience in assessing companies in expansion processes, which involve the selection and incorporation of professionals in its headquarters or its delegations.
  • Together with the General Management or the corresponding Functional Management of the Client Company, he analyzes in depth the professional profiles, proposing solutions tailored to their needs and being the link between the Client and the technical team of First Hunting HR, in charge of the execution of the Personnel Selection and Headhunting Processes.
mireia-hernandez firsthunting

Mireia Hernández Duart

"We will help you find the best talent for your company"

Specialized in selection and evaluation of professionals from all sectors, functional and hierarchical areas, middle management and executives, always looking for the best talent, according to the profile required by our Client.

Extensive experience in conducting competency-based interviews and in the interpretation of generic and specific psycho-technical tests by functional and hierarchical areas. Rigor, efficiency, adaptability and perseverance defines Mireia.

  • Degree in Pedagogy, with specialization in Personnel Selection.
  • Postgraduate degree in Management, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching.
  • Training and extensive knowledge in Body Language and Graphology.
Team member

Denisa Degeu

"Specialized in recruitment, selection and evaluation of professionals for all sectors."

Specialized in recruitment, selection and evaluation of professionals for all sectors, working closely with the commercial team to ensure the quality of service and the successful fulfillment of the requirements requested by our client.

Extensive experience in conducting interviews in both Spanish and English, preparing reports and interpreting psycho-technical tests.

  • Degree in Psychology.
  • Master in Human Resources Management.